Sacred Celebrations


Detox your mind body & spirit to magnetize your highest potential

Everyone has experienced those moments of divine flow where life seems to open up and you receive full universal support for whatever you are doing.  Suddenly it feels as if you are allowing life to move you and move through you rather than forcing and efforting to “get your way”or achieve your goal.   It feels natural and you feel completely connected to yourself and your place in the fabric of life.

By attending to and detoxifying the buildup of layers of trauma and defense, you make space for true connection to your higher self which then activates the flow of divine energy through all aspects of your life. When this flow starts to pick up speed you will see a rapid reflection between your inner thoughts and desire and your external reality.  For example: you start to envision the type of job that both reflects your values and earns a great income and within a short time many options for that type of work manifests.  It can also manifest in a stronger intuition and guidance that leads you to right right people, place, and time for your health, love, and spiritual path.  In addition, you will feel lighter, less burdened, be able to handle conflict or disappointment with more grace.

“Your ordinary acts of love and hope point to the extraordinary promise that     every human life is of inestimable value.” Bishop Desmond Tutu